Georgia boasts a rich hunting tradition, and hunters have the opportunity to hunt a wide variety of game species including white-tailed deer, wild turkey, waterfowl, bobwhite quail, rabbit, and other small game species. WRD offers nearly one million acres of public hunting land within our borders, including all of our Wildlife Management Areas and those Natural Areas, Public Fishing Areas, and State Parks open to hunting.

Find everything you need to know about hunting in Georgia right here. Discover available hunter education opportunities, get familiar with Georgia’s hunting regulations, seasons and bag limits, apply for quota hunts, learn more about specific hunting opportunities on our WMAs, download WMA maps, learn about wildlife habitat management, and more.

Did you know?
In an effort to encourage youth participation in hunting and enhance youth hunting opportunities, the Georgia General Assembly passed SB 474. This legislation included language that establishes a special youth hunting opportunity that allows youths under 16 years of age to hunt deer during the primitive weapons season with any firearm legal for hunting deer. This includes primitive weapons hunts on WMAs. 

Georgia’s Wildlife Management Areas

Stretching from the mountains to the sea, Georgia has more than 90 Wildlife Management Areas (WMA) throughout the state. In fact, there’s one within an hour’s drive of every Georgian. Through the WMA system, hunters have access to nearly one million acres of hunting land for the price of one WMA license. WMA lands are managed specifically to provide hunting opportunities and additionally for conservation of our valuable natural resources. Check out the current hunting regulations for a list of specialty hunts offered at various WMAs, including ladies-only hunts and adult-child hunts.

Hunting Season Information

Rock Hawk hunting regulations are provided and maintained by the Georgia Department of Natural Resources in cooperation with the Georgia Power Company. Deer, turkey, and small game are available to hunt this season. More information is provided under Important Links below.

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