Awards & Recognition


Rock Hawk and Oversight Board of Directors
Over $1,000,000 in Grants, Donations & In-kind Effort to Develop Rock Hawk

  1. O’Neill Outside national TV show covered Rock Hawk in May, 2015 – O’Neill interview.
  2. National Award in Washington, DC, for Recreational, Environmental & Historical Enhancement (by NHA, a national association of US Power Companies via Georgia Power Co.). Secretary of Energy spoke at the event attended by US Senators & Representatives (2014).
  3. State of Georgia Travel Guide for Top 100 Georgia Adventures (2013).
  4. American Planning Association: Project Planning Winner (2003).
  5. Atlanta Magazine: Top 100 Heart-Pounding, Adrenaline-Pumping Georgia Adventures (2013).
  6. University of Georgia for Honor and Appreciation to Larry Moore, Chairman of the Board of the Historic Piedmont Scenic Byway Corporation (2010).
  7. Georgia College for Educational Contribution (2010).
  8. Georgia Public Broadcasting (NPR Affiliate) documentary, SET IN STONE (2006).
  9. Wal*Mart for “Good Works” in the community (2005)
  10. Chamber of Commerce for Citizens of the Year (2004)
  11. Chamber of Commerce for Tourism Product (2010)
  12. Chamber of Commerce for Volunteers of the Year (2011).
  13. Recognition letters and plaques from US Senators Isakson and Chambliss and US Congressmen Broun and Norwood. Two flags were flown over the US Capital Building in honor of the HPSBC and Rock Hawk in 2010.
  14. Historical Society for Historical Preservation (2011).
  15. Lake Oconee Property Owners’ Association for community contributions (2010).
  16. Macon Telegraph for number one biking trail in Central Georgia (July 11, 2010).
  17. 16. Lake Oconee LIVING Magazine for Best Trails (2011).
  18. Lake Oconee LIVING Magazine for Best Historic Site (Top 3 in 2015) in the area.
  19. State of Georgia Nominee for National Scenic Byway Award: Leadership & Built Project (2012).
  20. Georgia Association for Museums & Galleries for Museums (2011) at annual kick-off event.
  21. Recognition from numerous community, government, and media organizations for the annual History Mystery Rock Hawk Talk Cruises of Lake Oconee. The fund-raiser cruises cover the history of the areas including the 3,000 documented archaeological sites still under the lake.
  22. The Georgia Games have been held at Rock Hawk twice and numerous trail bike and foot races have been held over the past 10 years.
  23. Over 100 articles in the state and local press and television over the past 10 years.
  24. An Audubon Society designation has been received after 5 years of research—over 200 species of birds at Rock Hawk with rare species.
  25. Research recognition and contribution from many universities, including Harvard, University of Iowa, MIT, UGA, Georgia College, University of Maryland.
  26. Butterfly habitat is currently being developed with some sections completed.